6 Points Checklist To Ensure Artistic Dental Construction Clinic Design

Posted on July 17, 2018
July 17, 2018

The most exciting phase of planning your dental practice is watching your vision come to attainment, with the exact location, ambiance, equipment, and technology at you favor. Here is a Checklist for constructing your dream Dental Clinic.

1. Right Location

As a first step in determining where to develop your new office is “How much space do you need?”, or you are expanding an existing one is a common question.

Choosing the right location is equally important as selecting the equipment for your clinic. It includes your finical budget, people convenience, availability of Utilities, most importantly parking area and of course some Legal Procedure.

And if you are buying raw land or even a property with an existing building, it is wise to invest in a soil study. A soil study will identify poor soil for structures, or drainage problems, or geologic hazards like earthquake susceptibility. The more you plan on digging, the more you need a soil study.

Right Location

2. Cost Effective Office Layout

“Cost effective” doesn’t necessarily mean inexpensive, but rather, not wasteful. Ultimately, the actual objective is not simply reducing cost in and of itself, but instead increasing value — maximizing the return on your investment both financially and through improved quality of practice life.

Creating a completely new environment for your dental practice is likely the biggest one-time investment you will make in your business. A well-planned dental office can have an immediate and positive impact on virtually all facets of your practice.

It can improve your productivity while decreasing your stress. It can allow you to create an image consistent with the type of practice you currently have or wish to develop. It can communicate the quality of your services, inspire your patients’ confidence, and promote patients’ comfort.

Cost Effective Office Layout

3. Interior Designing

Competition from the corporate side is stiff. Sole practitioners need to find every opportunity to separate themselves from the masses. Prepare a list of all the requirements so it would be little easier for the interior designers to design your dream clinic.

Dental offices must satisfy a range of diverse needs. They must be welcoming, yet function clinically. They must exude professionalism, yet not appear ostentatious, all on a budget that makes sound financial sense. It costs more to build it wrong than to build it right.

With a strategic selection of interior materials, lighting, furniture, and accessories, you have the ability to project your brand personality in three-dimensional view throughout the entire dental office.

Interior Designing

4. Suitable Waiting Lounge

Many practices waiting rooms look the same: rows and rows of waiting rooms look more or less the same: rows and rows of antimicrobial chairs, bulky end tables cluttered with old magazines, a television or two tuned to the national news.

When you provide an activity, or you provide base to the patients need to be productive on their own you make wait time seem shorter and keep patients from seeing the clock.

Free WiFi should be a given, but don’t stop there.

If space permits, consider providing individual desks or communal work tables and charging stations. Patients are often missing work for their appointments; helping them be prolific can alleviate stress and show you value their experience.

Suitable Waiting Lounge

5. Offer Small Luxuries

A little gratification can go a long way at the doctor’s office. Dentists have employed the influence of pampering for ages — including offering complimentary coffee bars and mini fridges full of bottled water and other beverages. This extra effort is not lost on patients.

A space for entertainment or participation should be provided in adding to the experience. Anything you can provide to your patients as a way to ease their anxieties will result in a positive perception of your dental environment.
Offer Small Luxuries

6. Create “The Experience”

The combination of sensory design, branding and the qualitative variables of your dental environment create “the experience” that is most important for engaging new patients and maintaining your existing base. Contemporary, luxurious decor is imperative and should contribute to your practice brand story.

A neutral foundation with design features that can be easily changed will allow you to keep your dental office current and relevant. Technology should be considered as part of the ambient environment. Technology can completely change the ambiance of a space while providing different opportunities for patient participation depending on its application.

The design of your dental environment should tell your practice brand story in more than one way. Material, lighting, furnishing, and accessory selections should all contribute to the experience your practice brand provides. Restrooms should be considered an integral part of the experience.

Create “The Experience”

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