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Desscon Builders, devoted to professional construction excellency since 2007. Passion for design and build defines our company. As our client, your satisfaction becomes our main goal, and we strive for it throughout each phase of the project to deliver an outstanding product. We build projects in a collaborative team environment, using advanced techniques to improve productivity, reduce costs and give clients the best creation possible.
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Desscon Builders evaluate designs, architecture plans details and characteristics to efficiently customize the construction plan. Through comprehensive analysis, our company meticulously review every aspect of the construction documents, to avoid issues before they develop into costly problems or project delays.


An efficient construction plan is the basis for developing budget and schedule for a project. Desscon Builders strategically defines work tasks, develop schedule of work, and emphasize on cost control to estimate the necessary resources. Planning allows us to perform effective decision making to achieve project completion goals.


Desscon Builders accurately manage, coordinate, and supervise the project from early development to completion. Our company advance strategies, and high standard construction work, guarantees the owner a successful project, by delivering an upscale end product, based on realistic costs, and completed on schedule.


This is the first time I build an office with Mr. Leon. Previously built my dental office with another contractor and the experience was nightmarish. I hear this is common when building a dental office. I thought about it long and hard before committing to building my second location. I was very thorough on my search for a new contractor. I only accepted bids from reputable dental office contractors from my area. Mr. Eloy Leon, was a cut above all of them, not only in his fees, but also in the way he presented his services. The thing that impressed me the most was his knowledge and the fact he personally came to the space and measured every inch, compared to the plans, and even before me signing, showed me several errors the architect had made.
After I accepted I was pleasantly surprised by his client-first attitude. Always ahead of schedule, his employees are clean, courteous and reliable. He won’t send just two guys to do everything, he will always send an entire crew! Work gets done on time, correctly, after-hours if needed. They work weekends, holidays. They will do anything to get the work done on time. I got photo updates of the entire process, since I was busy at my other location. Never heard of any issues, he was always proactive and got things resolved before I got a chance to even hear about it. When the time came for dental equipment installation, everything was ready. If installers needed anything additional done, he sent his guys the same day! Even the Patterson Dental installers and execs were impressed!
I had 9 months of rent abatement and he got the office finished in 5 months, but only because a different company I used for cabinets, were very slow. If I had to do it again, I would use Mr. Leon’s guys. It was a pleasure building this office, he has very good energy and attitude. I could go for pages on this review. There is no other contractor like him in South Florida.

Dr. Pedro Alquizar (305) 279-3968

I don’t know of any dentist who does not dream to build an office to his own specs. That office should not only allow you to work comfortable, but it must look amazing. Thank to Eloy Leon we were able to make the office of our dreams a reality. Our project was not easy. We had to completely gut out the premises and build out everything from scratch. Over 4000 square feet of construction and finished ahead of schedule, all in less than 3 months!
Even that Mr. Leon guaranteed his work for a year, after celebrating our four-year anniversary we had not encountered any problems with the work he completed. Also, after 4 years there is not a single week that goes by without getting a compliment from a patient or a dental rep regarding the beauty of our facility. There is not a single day that I walk into my office and feel great about practicing dentistry in a location design for my unique needs. This was made possible by meeting with Eloy. He listened to my wish list and then helped me with a design that accommodate all my needs. I cannot stress enough the importance of bringing him early on your plans to build the office. By doing so you will save time, money, and aggravation. Eloy and his team members are very knowledgeable regarding dentist needs and demands. They were punctual and construction site was very clean.
With our new location I have been able to work much more efficiently and profitable. The only regret that I have is not had done this office years ago. Don’t be scared about the money it cost to build an office. My office paid itself in less than two years with the increase revenue it had generated. You spend more time in your office than in your house but still don’t have a problem living in a big house and driving an expensive car. My question to you is where did you got the money to pay for that nice car and big house? Do yourself, staff and patients a favor, call Eloy Leon today! Also tell him to bring you by my office. Get excited about dentistry. There is no better profession that ours.

Dr. Calixto Novoa (305) 552-8033

I highly recommend Desscon Builders under the leadership of his lead General Contractor, Eloy Leon for the construction of a dental office. Eloy’s positive attitude and invaluable knowledge of the dental industry along with excellent team of subcontractors are, in my opinion the only company in FL to use for the construction of your dental office, hands down. My 4 operatories practice was done in a record time of 7 weeks!!!

One of the things that impressed me more about Eloy is that he told me since I hired him that he will be available 24/7 and it was true. He answered his personal phone within one ring, no kidding!!! So if you are looking for a highly skilled, ethical professional for the construction of a dental office, look no further than Desscon Builders and Eloy Leon.

Dr. Guillermo Rodriguez (305) 441-7700